My name is Laura Chang and I'm a senior at SVA majoring in graphic and interaction design. I was born in Vancouver B.C., Canada. My parents immigrated to Canada from Taiwan when I was born. I have an extremely bold and outgoing personality. I love to socialize and talk! I am known to have a great sense of humor and am considered to be the “crazy” one amongst my friends. I definitely go the extra mile to make people laugh, even if it means doing silly things.  

It has always been my dream to attend design school in New York City. I’ve always known that I wanted to follow my dad’s footsteps and go down the creative path. I remember as a child, I would sometimes pick up my dad’s sketches that he had thrown away in the garbage and save them because I admired his work. I would go back to my room and put another piece of paper on top of my dad’s sketch and try to trace over his drawings and hope that one day I could draw as well as him. I would bring his drawings to school and show my friends thinking that I had the coolest dad in the world.

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would attend design school. My parents believed in my talent and enrolled me in art classes at an early age and I have attended classes up until I started college. It was a dream come true when I received my acceptance letter to SVA in the mail. I knew that the next big chapter of my life would begin here at SVA . Even to this day, sometimes when I am walking in the streets, it would hit me that I live in the greatest city in the world and that I AM living my dream.